Hand Warmers Air-Activated 1 pack- Two Warmers


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HeatWorks Air-activated Hand Warmers 1 pack – Two warmers Upto 8 hours of Heat.

Heat Works Air-activated Hand Warmers 1 pack – Two warmers

Up to 8 hours of Heat. Open, Shake, Warmth.

Heatworks Warmers are disposable hand warmer packs designed to provide up to 8 hours of warmth when you need it. Compact and convenient, Heatworks Warmers can be placed in gloves, boots, pockets, or sleeping bags.
To activate the Headworks Warmers, simply open the plastic outer pouch and the hand warmer will be ready in seconds.
Heatworks Warmers are used by athletes, outdoor enthusiasts, skiers, construction workers, spectators, and more to stay warm. Heatworks Toe Warmers are also ideal for arthritis sufferers whose feet ache in the cold.
Buy your Heatworks Warmers from Active Forever today and say goodbye to the cold! Simply open the outer pouch for long lasting warmth Compact and convenient Ready to use in seconds Use in pockets, boots, gloves, or sleeping bags Ideal for virtually anyone who doesn’t like the cold Used by athletes, skiers, outdoor enthusiasts, spectators, and more

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